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began in 1987 dealing primarily with sales of steam turbines imported from North America for the palm oil industry. As the sales of our steam turbines increased, we started assembling single-stage steam turbines in collaboration with our partner company in America. Hence, the existence of Prime Steam Turbine since 1996.

Over the years, Prime turbine has become well known in the industry for reliability, lower cost, minimal and simple maintenance, rugged and robust construction. Though we have sold numerous turbines in the 400-500 horsepower range and have capabilities of producing more than 3000 horsepower, we find most of our business is in the 10 to 500 horsepower range. Our turbines are standardized, but each turbine is custom made according to customer specifications. Prime turbines are now used in palm oil mills, wood based industries and rice mills in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Europe and North America.

We manufacture generator and mechanical drive turbines, velocity staged, with or without integral or separate gear reducers that meet API 611. Prime steam turbines are categorized into “A” and “H” lines. The ”A” line, also called the vertically split turbines offers seven (7) sizes (Type 12A, 16A, 20A, 20AX, 22A, 23A, 23AX). The vertically split turbines are popular in low horsepower applications when the primary consideration is the initial cost of a turbine. The “H” line, also called the horizontally split turbines offers three (3) sizes (Type 19H, 24H, 28H). These “H” line turbines have more sophisticated designs and produce higher horsepower.

We offer turbine generator sets for power output capacities up to 2 MW both synchronous and induction turbine-generator sets complete with NEMA 1 control panels, special governors, accessories, baseplate, coupling and coupling guard for immediate installation.

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