Jasa Aman Sales & Services
was founded in 1995 dealing with air compressors and dryers for the general industry in Malaysia. We provide sales of air compressors & dryers and also services such as servicing, overhauling and trouble-shooting of air compressors and dryers for various brands.

Compressor service and overhauling includes bearing journal & housing rebuilding, rotor shaft rebuilding & polishing, main motor service & rewinding, cooling fan service & rewinding, control panel rewiring, modification to PLC systems, anti-rust coating, spray painting and air & oil cooler repair, retubing and cleaning. Refrigerated dryer service and overhauling includes vacuum, refilling of gas, replacement of hermetic sealed compressors, heat exchanger repairs, trouble-shooting of system and control panel repairs. Our quality services guarantees peace of mind for our clients. To elaborate further, we have over 50 units of screw type air compressors up to 300 HP on standby if there is a need in emergency breakdowns to avoid downtime for our clients.

Original and OEM maintenance spare parts for air compressor and dryer are also available at a competitive price. Jasa Aman Sales & Services offers a wide range of genuine and alternative parts for oil & oil free rotary compressors for both screw and centrifugal. These parts includes air filters, oil filters, separators, bearings, pressure gauges, oil return valves, coupling, prime compressor oil, drive belts, gaskets & seals, hydraulic hoses and ultra coolant.

We also offer a variety of new and reconditioned air compressors and dryers for rental as well as for sale. Please contact us for more information on these machines.

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